Monday, August 15, 2011


Tonight has been brilliant! We played futsal at this futsal area called Meteora which is located somewhere in Tungku. The place isn't so bad after all! It was my first time playing there. It's spacious, it's not deep in the neighborhood and it is well designed. The pay was also not as costly as it is - better than BIBD, I suppose. We planned this for-fun futsal friendly around noon earlier today. It was a last-minute plan, but we made it happen anyway! No one had any doubts. Just smooth planning. The meeting point was at the chicken statue which was near a supermarket. (I still have no idea what's the place called though.) I just love it when a plan comes together!

Exactly 10 of us arrived and had loads of fun! I can see each and everyone of us improved! At least we got to work on our rusty legs after not playing for so long. Also, since it's the fasting month. There were no injuries, no misunderstandings - just plain 'ol futsal. Too bad the birthday boy, Tayib, couldn't make it because he was busy. No worries, bro. This Friday awaits and we're going to play at the same place!

I still can't believe the plan went on smoothly. We usually play during the weekends, but this - this is something out of the blue! It's the first day of the week and exactly 10 who were told showed up! Thanks, guys! Thanks for making it happen! Viva la Cobra!

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