Sunday, January 09, 2011

Black Ops.

I'd like to thank Fizah and Dedeh for making my day by saying goodbye before I went home. :))

Zul sent me over to Waie Saiful's place earlier. Thanks, man! I met the amigos. It feels great to be hanging out again since the others have already started their trial for sixth form. I jammed with the band members while they played game. I just noticed that Waie Saiful has a wireless router installed in his room. I'm jealous, because he can surf whenever he wants. What more to say if he owns a PS3? When I scanned the connections, his wireless appeared with a strength signal of 100%! I played Undead Nightmare with Zul for a while. We tried to get $7500 bounties each on our heads, but failed because the lawmen caught us off-guard. It was fun!

We went home around 8 and went to Gadong first. I finally bought Black Ops because tonight, we'll be having an awesome online time with each other! That's right - ZOMBIE MODE!

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