Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy 16th Birthday, Belle!

I was late for the failed surprise party that Kirah planned. We were supposed to be there around 4:30 PM, wait for Kirah's signal and surprise Belle together, but I was too late because I was told that she knew that we were coming so I had to go and buy her cake since Tayib said there was no cake. Unfortunately, Belle got home earlier than we expected. She wasn't surprised when the guys arrived there, but not when we drove in with her birthday cake lit up. When she opened the door, we sang her the birthday song like twice, but then she got annoyed and immediately blew the candles out. It was all good. The food, the company, the cakes, the conversations etc. Oh! I didn't know Kirah bought Belle a cake too! Well, that makes us the same. Hakiim was there along with his friends, Pacoi, Hasif and Aziemah.

Happy 16th Birthday, Kaka Bewwe!

Wingman Yib's mission came up unexpectedly. I ended up playing Battleship with Kirah. First, she didn't know how to play, but after a few minutes of explaining, she finally got it. The game was--kind of unfair because Sahrul and Hasif were helping Kirah to cheat. She bombed most of my ships while I only sunk one. After the game, we took lots of photos together. I can't wait for her to upload 'em to Facebook. Fikri and Nieza soon picked me up and now, I'm on my way home.

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