Sunday, January 02, 2011

London Life. [Pt 6]

(Supposedly December 30th’s post)

We went shopping alone yesterday to Selfridges. I finally bought the things that the Brothers wanted. Don’t worry, guys. When I get back, each of you’ll get yours! I can’t wait! You know, I think I went to Selfridges alone three times yesterday because I was unsure of the shoes that I wanted to buy. It’s like, every size I asked for each shoe that I picked out wasn’t available. Before I left the place completely, I asked the staff for another place which sells shoes. The place that he mentioned was the place that I was going to go since three days now – Carnaby Street. It’s like a crowded alleyway, but with shops surrounding it. I remember the guy saying a shoe store called ‘Size’, so I started to look for it.

A few minutes later, I saw a store called ‘size?’ and I thought that might be the correct store the staff in Selfridges was talking about. I went inside and there were lots of shoes, but it was hard to look for the shoe I wanted. After searching, I couldn’t find it.

(Supposedly December 31st’s post)

Last day today! Hakiim wants to go to Selfridges again. I’m guessing he still has some things to buy! It’s 11:06 AM (7:06 PM – Brunei). I haven’t taken a shower yet! We have to start packing before the party for new year’s.

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