Sunday, January 02, 2011

London Life. [Final]

2011 2011 (Supposedly January 1st’s post) 2011 2011

UK has counted down to the last minute of 2010 and has welcomed and rolled the red carpet for the new year, 2011!

Happy New Year to everyone in the whole wide world!

Tonight has been an awesomely wild night at The Dorchester! There were colourful flashing lights in the ballroom everywhere, loud bass-kicking music and great food. Lots and lots of smiling faces and friendly people. Strangers turned into acquaintances. At first, my brothers and I couldn’t stand being in the place, but we wiped all those boredom off us and enjoyed the party to the fullest! I’m glad that I made friends with one of the chefs, or who else could I be talking to during the party.

A band also performed. They’re called ‘FUBAR’, if I’m not mistaken. They play classic rock genre band. In fact, I have gained some inspirations for my side-project from listening to them. They covered a song from Pro Evolution Soccer entitled ‘The One’. Has anyone heard of it? Please do tell me! I hope I am able to remember how the melody went like.

To my surprise, a Hollywood super-starlet appeared as a special guest. I am not a fan of her, but she was Jennifer Hudson. She performed three songs of hers and completely rocked the dance floor. When the emcee announced her appearance, almost everyone came up to the stage – trying to record her performance, snap shots of her etc. Lucky for me, I got pictures of her! Will upload it soon! You won’t believe how stoked I was!

Not only Jennifer Hudson was with us for the countdown, two other Hollywood super-starlets were there! They were Pamela Anderson and Bei Ling.(sp?) Can you actually believe it? Pamela Anderson and Bei Ling! I, myself, also couldn’t believe they were there! I was hoping for – I don’t know – Black Eyed Peas to be there and perform their massive hit, Dirty Bit? − Or Owl City. OH~ IF OWL CITY DID APPEAR AS A SPECIAL GUEST, I WOULD RUN UP THE STAGE AND GET HIS AUTOGRAPH! OR TAKE PICTURES WITH HIM! IT WOULD BE THE BEST NEW YEAR YET! Sorry if I’m exaggerating. Hehehe. I’ll upload the short video clip I captured soon as well.

A minute to new year’s, the room had gotten dim and Pamela Anderson counted down the last ten seconds. Slowly, everyone started to follow her and as she shouted ‘Happy New Year’, lots of silver confetti came pouring down from above the dance floor. So they started to sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’. I could see that Tayib was enjoying himself. For years, we’ve been tight together although we don’t really catch up with things long time ago – he’s simply the best! I hope you enjoyed tonight’s party! And so as everyone else! I can’t really describe the whole thing here in this post. Words can’t express how much fun I had! I also hope everyone had a really splendid new year in Brunei Darussalam.

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