Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two in one.

We had our Brother's Day Out tonight. Well, not really all of us were there. Zul couldn't make it because he had no transport. I picked Flavours as a chill place for the night. I was a little bit late, but they didn't mind. Afiq then came a few minutes later. He ate, we didn't. So Fathul thought of another place to have our dinner. He mentioned about Pizza Hut's Double Tuesday offer which is going on, so we just went with the flow. Fikri called Nieza over as well. We ordered two large pans of pizza. They were worth it. My tummy is full now. Thanks for coming, guys! I had fun, but it would've been more fun with all the brothers present. 'Til next time. Maybe end of the next month.

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