Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pizza Hut Day Out.

I had a good lunch with Omar, Ashif and Yusree today. Since I had no transport, Ashif insisted to pick me up with his new driver, Tugimon. Thanks, man! Too bad his driver is not familiar with Brunei's surroundings except for Kuala Belait's. We had our lunch at Pizza Hut, Madewa. I was hoping for Amal to work today and there she was! We haven't gotten inside the restaurant and we could already hear her scream. Well-dressed and the place was fancy. The food was great as well. I'm glad she's happy with her work. Ashif had to take off early because he had to pick up his brother from Ugama school. We followed Omar's car and sent Yusree back home. I followed to where Omar had to go because he could only send me in the late evening. Thanks guys!

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