Saturday, January 15, 2011


A moment ago, I was in the middle of reposting a survey my friend remade. It's called 'My kind of guy/girl'. It tells you what type of guy/girl you're looking for. Trying to avoid getting desperate, I was about to post it. Suddenly I paused and thought to myself; "What am I doing this for? Like she's going to read it." JYEAH. From what I have gone through earlier, I didn't expect it to turn out like that. It hurts, but I just kept quiet. Well, at least, I fulfilled one of my wishes so thank you.

I had my haircut at Magstar Saloon today with Zul. Thank goodness I was right on time, or else I would've gone behind the queue of three customers. Zul had his turn after them. Say hello to short-haired Zully. He chilled over at my place for a while. Watched me played The Sims 3. I insisted on playing Move with Zul since it's his first time. The first game we played was Sports Champions - tabletennis, gladiators and disc golf. We'll play again next time, alright? Now I'm currently at a friend's BBQ. I'm alone in the room. I'm so bored.

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