Friday, January 27, 2012

New song up!

I was working on a new song last night and I have to say, it came out pretty good! In the middle of mixing down the song, I was thinking of a song title. I had 'Once Upon A Time' in my mind, but Harith shared his idea which was 'Once In A Lifetime'. I thought, why don't I add in the word 'my'? I did and now it's official! The song is called 'My Once In A Lifetime'. Here's the link to it!

I promised Waffles that she'd be the first listener of the full version of the song! Here's what she said!

 your innamorata 
 damn son...... I was in another world. Haha. Pandai haady buat music! Ten thumbs up!

Click here to listen to Beats Beyond Words - My Once In A Lifetime in Muziboo!

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