Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I am currently staying over at my dad's after sleeping over at Fathul's place for two days. I have to say that the wireless connection here rules BIG TIME (rush)! Countless downloads of files finished fast! And the funny thing is that it didn't affect the other computer users. WHAT'S THE SECRET, DA!?

Anyhoo, I installed a PS2 emulator last night on this laptop. Configuring the first time settings was easy, but it needed a BIOS file. It says that you cannot obtain it from a friend or anywhere on the internet. It's just a notice so I tried finding a spare BIOS shared by other users. Successfully downloaded, when it came to playing the game I downloaded (Legaia 2: Duel Saga), it started up very very..... very slowly. I couldn't understand the numbers and letters or whatever that couldn't be read. The sound came out alright yet in sloooow mooooootion! There was this speedhack option so I tried to set the panel to the maximum speed -- 3. It wasn't recommended for it would cause freezes in videos and lags in sounds. After restarting the emulator, the same problem still occurred! No changes. In the end, I uninstalled it because according to the instructions, this laptop didn't meet its requirement. The emulator needs a decent computer and a relatively Fast Duo Core CPU (2.2GHz at least). Mine's only 1.6. FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU

I met mom in the afternoon today. She's sleeping over at the apartment until Friday. She came here to fetch my sister - probably as a means of company for her there. I'm just glad she's doing well along with my stepsisters. I wonder how my fish are doing. I'd ask Muizzah to feed them, but I'm afraid that she'll 'overfeed' them. 

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