Monday, January 30, 2012

We're just bystanders.

I went to Miri with Fathul, Fikri and Afiq in which we call our very own 'party trip'. You know, I thought we were only going to spend a few night's hours shopping there and then, head back home. I even told my dad that I'd come home, but I didn't. Our meeting point was at Luagan Dudok, Tutong and we took off after Maghrib prayer. We had a topsy-turvy ride along the way, but we stayed calmed and everything seemed fine.

We reached Miri around 9-ish and met up with Afiq's old pal, Dalbert. He's been staying in Miri for almost 4 years now and he didn't mind showing us around town. It was getting late and we wanted to change our money for tomorrow's shopping session. Unfortunately, most of the money changers were closed so he brought us to this mall (I can't remember its name). Finally, we had our money changed. Guess where? At a shop that sells watches. Lol. Rate was 2.38 so it was all good.

We parked our car somewhere and drove off with Dalbert. First, he showed us the 'entertainment zone'. The name explains it all. Anything you can think of; it's there. Then we were feeling a bit hungry. He brought us to this local Bruneian restaurant (I also forgot its name!). Muara something.. Well, anyway - the place wasn't that bad! The rest of guys only ordered drinks and were given food from the stall in front of the restaurant. It's kind of like the food when you sit down and they automatically serve you with it. I ordered a dish called 'Lalapan Tenggiri'. Let me upload a picture from the net...

It's very nice! RM 11 only. It's like Ayam Penyet, but fish version. Haha. The tenggiri was so so good! I feel like having one right now. :^(

After that, he brought us back to the 'entertainment zone' and we were with the lively and active people. If you were there to witness and enjoy the happenings at the entertainment zone -- FOR THE FIRST TIME -- you wouldn't believe your eyes! Loud head-banging music and endless crazy dancing. It was the life of the party folks! Chun Hong was also there with his gang! Met up with him. Saw him exiting a shop, actually. And also, Tina Chong! I saw her, but she didn't see me. I shan't go further because what's there, stays there. If you're wondering if we did any thing 'not good', the answer is a big NO. We're just bystanders witnessing a crowd having so much fun.

We checked in a hotel called the Pacific Orient. It's only RM 118 per night. Can you believe it? I still can't! Quite cheap, I'd say. The four of us split RM 30 each. The room was small, but we managed to settle in well and had a so-called 'good night's sleep'. You know, I had trouble sleeping because:

1.) Afiq started snoring after a few seconds into our story-telling session.
2.) The room was freezing! London landed in the wrong place!
3.) There were only 3 pillows available. The rest of the guys had one each while I (had to) use the chair cushion. In the middle of the night, my head kept slipping off it. I have no idea why...
4.) Finally I was in a comfortable position - when suddenly Afiq started coughing and coughing and COUGHING! T-T

But he charged my mobile phone for me so it's okay. We checked out around 10:30 AM and went straight to Parkson. Had breakfast at this restaurant called Shashaki Shabu Shabu @ Sushi Buffet.

The buffet was brilliant rather than Sushi King's a la carte or snatch-a-plate ordering! RM24.90 - all you can eat sushi and shabu-shabu for 1 hour. The amount of food we gathered were just about enough to fill our hungry stomachs! We had one heck of a breakfast, alright!

After that, our last stop was at e-Mart. I bought Ray-Ban shades, Fikri bought a new Emporio Armani bag. (Suddenly I feel so lazy to go on...) Nevertheless, we had a great time! January 28th, 2012 is a date to remember!