Friday, February 17, 2012

4 Strikes In A Row.

I had a great time with Omar and Afiq last night. We went bowling at Mega Strike and the most luckiest thing happened! I got 4 strikes in a row! It was unexpected! I was only hoping for a Turkey, but I was given an extra. Altogether, I had gotten 5 strikes. I should have taken a picture of the scoreboard, but I forgot! Scores are as follows:

ZIQ 92

After that, we sent Omar home because we were still up for a game of pool. First to 5 and guess who won this time? Yes, it was Afiq. Game mode was 9-ball and the scoreline was 5 - 2. It was fair. I dominated in bowling and he dominated in pool. Hahaha! Hoping for another night like this!

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