Thursday, February 09, 2012

So Much Work For So Little Time.

I had to wake up early to go to school and (for what I thought seemed easy) get my result slip. I went there with Ashif, Haafiz, Khaliq and three other friends. When we reached there, I got to recheck what my results are. I passed both of my orals and, of course, my languages. There were lots of other people too! No doubt.

When we went inside to get the slip, I thought we were able to get them just by giving our signatures. Yes, that's true - but there were also other requirements left before actually receiving it! My name was in bold and in red. I think my name on the name list is the only one in red there. It seems like I haven't paid my school fees, this PTA stuff that I also have to pay and return my vendor form. People who have gotten their slips looked relieved and I envy them. I don't know about their results, but I'm sure they didn't need to think about getting their slips back again. I've also gotten the leaving certificate which requires a LOT of "teacher hunting" to do. I wish had known about the requirements earlier! See, my dad isn't in Brunei at the moment. He's in KL and he's probably coming back tomorrow -- which means I only have 2 days left to finish this!

O Allah, please give me the strength to overcome the stress that it may bring! Please help me.

We stayed in school for a couple of hours to "try" to do this and that. We only managed to fill in the front page which was the student's details. Before I forget, thanks to Haafiz for letting us stay in his place for a while! Ashif brought me to breakfast with his old man at CAM Restaurant, Kiulap. Thanks for the meal, uncle! Went home to his place, surfed for a while, played a few games of FIFA 11 and eventually sent me home. Alhamdulillah for a morning well spent - yet cranky. LUL.

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