Wednesday, February 08, 2012

LCB or Micronet?

Syukur Alhamdulillah! I received word from my friend Sahrul that I've gotten 2 O's; English (3) and BM (4). I prayed so hard to at least accomplish and succeed in my O levels - and by that, to at least get 2 O's or better! I am grateful to Allah. He has answered my prayers and He has finally put a wide smile on my face tonight because I qualified! It's too bad that I flunked on my other three subjects (Commerce, Combined Science and Geography) which forbore me from getting into higher institutions - but it's okay! With 2 O's in my hand, I am able to go into colleges that I can think of - LCB and Micronet. Congratulations to those who achieved even higher grades and/or qualified to get into MD, PTEM or PTEK! To those who didn't achieve anything, you have my sympathy. Terribly sorry that it didn't work out for you in the end, guys. I know how it feels to hope for something you're sure you can get, but nothing is there. Tough luck. Thing is, never give up! Go and get that second second chance!

But a question remains; LCB or Micronet?

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