Monday, February 06, 2012

What A Game!


36' [1 - 0] J. Evans (o.g.)
46' [2 - 0] J. Mata
51' [3 - 0] D. Luiz
58' [3 - 1] W. Rooney (pen.)
69' [3 - 2] W. Rooney (pen.)
84' [3 - 3] J. Hernandez

It was such a crazy game! First we were watching the game at TK Tea House, Gadong. But then, it started to rain so we moved in for shelter - which also I think was a bad move for our comfort. The darn TV was so far away! Most of the customers sat along the corridor connected to the tea house and the TV's further in front. Lucky people far in front got to watch the game easily!

I know, right?

We eventually got bored and switched venues. We went to Nasi Katok Mama, Gadong instead. You know, when I just arrived at the place, Chelsea was 1 - 0 up! Thanks to an Evans own goal. (Supposedly Sturridge's) Lolololol. Anyway, that place was much better! Sheltered, cool and comfortable! Only one thing though; as soon as it started to rain heavily, the Astro was seized. T-T But when it came back on after a few minutes later, Chelsea was 2 - 0 up! I think it was from a Torres cross and Mata volleyed it home from De Gea's right hand side! I had a feeling David Luiz would score last night because I saw him raised his arm up asking for the ball. Unbelievably not long after that, David Luiz scored the 3rd goal which was fed from a Mata free-kick! (Not Ferdinand's)

Just wow! I've never seen such strong and mighty Blues - what more to say about our debutant, Gary Cahill. He was terrific, but said it himself that it was a "disappointing debut". The tables have turned for us when Man United fought back harder with 2 penalties given and a header from Hernandez. The first penalty call was clear, but the second was just dubious. Nevertheless, both teams put on quite an amazing match! It was great to see Chelsea 3 - 0 up at first, but disappointed to see Man United catching up and resulted the match in a draw. The pressure was just nerve-wrecking, but fair is fair. One point apiece, but yes - we could've won the game single-handedly. Unlucky for us, Man United were the true dominants in the 2nd half. Congratulations to both teams! What a game!

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