Monday, February 13, 2012

Washed Away.

DPMM FC 2 - 2 Tampines Rovers

We were supposed to watch DPMM's match tonight, but, somehow, we didn't. Not that we don't have money to buy them (I know I don't.) It's just that we were hoping for a free entry since there were so many people that we thought the securities were going to get "lazy" to handle and eventually will let us in. The game already started while we were waiting for Aqel and Acoi to arrive and after, we went to buy tickets. We thought they were sold near the main entrance, but one of the security pointed out where they actually were. We headed down to the ticket booth to find tickets worth $8! I gave it a thought; was $8 worth spending just to watch the second half? No.

None of us wanted to buy them because we wanted to find a "cheaper" way in. Surprised to see Amin there to buy the tickets. We asked him where they were selling the $5 ones. Expecting to move about only for a short time, we had to walk around the stadium to reach the other ticket booth. When we reached there, two men offered Fikri 2 tickets. Their plan was to sell them, but Fikri told them that he was waiting for another friend. The men looked doubtful, paused and whispered among themselves. Fortunately, they just gave away the tickets - for free. Lucky! Fikri only had 2 tickets and yet he didn't want to take the opportunity to watch the game with either one of us. Instead, he went around looking for buyers and had those two tickets sold for $10! Soon after buying me a drink, he gave them a dollar each. Thank you!

It started to rain and we were still standing outside of the entrance (hoping for a miracle.) We got tired of waiting, Fathul's car was far away from where we were that we got so wet! We went to Tamu Selera instead to wash away our hopes of watching DPMM in action. Thanks for the treat, Afiq! It was a great night, indeed!

I bet the game was a lot much funner to watch than their last! It's too bad that they drew against the champions (I saw it somewhere on Twitter that they are champions.) Unlucky for DPMM to concede in the last minute, or they could've won! Well, the next Home game awaits!

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