Monday, November 08, 2010

2 songs up for AiOB!

What a tiring day! I just got back from Waie Saiful's. We spent most of our time re-recording/mastering Aisle Of Before's songs. We've released a new song entitled 'Kisah Terindah Kau dan Aku' and remastered the demo for 'Yang Terindah'. I actually had to show how the vocals go to Amin. The record was a success, but not for 'Kisah Terindah Kau dan Aku'. We had to record it over and over again due to the disturbance in the room. (Ringtones from mobile phones, knocks on the doors, uncontrollable laughs, pop sounds from the 'intestine' which Amin called it etc.) In the end, we finally did it! There were mistakes in the song though, but I don't think it's obvious. I'll upload the song(s) soon!

In a random moment, the five of us played poker - strip poker. Hehehe. The first one to strip was me. Three chances each and I lost all of mine. So did Waie Saiful and Amin. It was down to Omar and Azrin. We made a deal; the winner gets to buy drinks for all of the losers. It turned out that Azrin was the winner. We won't forget the deal, man! (P/S: We didn't go super naked - just 'til the boxers.) I'm tired. Well, I've some uploading to do!

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