Monday, November 29, 2010

A night to remember. Always.

It has been a lovely memorable night with my date, Hafizah Hamzah and as well as my friends. It's her first prom night. Although shy, she made pretty well for an innocent beautiful date. There were a lot of smiling faces and enjoyable laughs. The best couple were Goh Qi Hao and Molly Yeoh. They both looked perfectly sweet together. Keep it strong, bro! Best dressed male was Izzudin Jamil and best dressed female was Jesnie Chong. As for the prom king, Daryl Lim was nominated and Shi Yin.

The only thing which made me look sad was my irritation of my contact lenses. I hope I didn't creep anyone out. All of the performances were played brilliantly. I had to perform thrice and I enjoyed 'em all.
Myron's performance wasn't bad at all although he forgot the lyrics to the song. He popped and locked like a pro. Well done!

I'd like to thank Hafizah Hamzah for being there with me and my good friends for supporting me. You looked absolutely gorgeous tonight. I tried my best to keep you company and to be there for you. I wish we could spend the night further again, but what's past is past. Thank you so much. I am grateful and really had a great time! <33

We're having an afterparty now at Empire. I hope all goes well. Cheers.

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