Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Earlier tonight, Fizah and Dedeh stuck around to play LittleBigPlanet with Zul. I only sat there and watch; while playing Fallout: New Vegas, of course. I could see they were having so much fun. They were screaming and laughing about. I think they played for a long time until their bedtime. Besides, Zul was feeling tired already. Soon after that, I decided to play with Zul to collect the stickers in the first few levels. I used Fizah's sackgirl. Eventually, we tried to ace the swinging safari level, but failed. It was all because of those no good dirty-rotten annoying monkeys. We even snapped a photo of Zul's sackboy and Fizah's sackgirl. Here it is:

This is the original size when Zul transferred the photo to the HDD. I wish it was a little bigger.

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