Thursday, November 04, 2010

Good luck!

I played Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer online with Zul yesterday. For the first time, I achieved four trophies in one go! I don't know about Zul but I'm guessing he did too! I miss playing the game mode already.

Well, today's paper that I'm going to sit for is Maths 2. Honestly, I'm not ready for it! Seriously, I just hope the paper's not really complicated because we are going to use calculators after all. Whereas on Friday, we'll be having Geography P2 in the morning and C. Science P2 in the afternoon. Two targeted subjects on that day - why did they even put those papers in the same day? Sigh. I just hope for the best.

I can't wait to buy Fallout: New Vegas and The Sims 3! I wonder what's it like..

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