Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Status: Graduated!

And they spelled it wrongly. There isn't supposed to be an "R" in Putera, but oh well.

Ahh. It feels so good to have graduated in high school! Too bad Mom and Dad weren't there to witness the certificate receiving and the performances. That was probably the best performance by 5CS yet although I didn't memorize the lyrics for both of the songs except for the choruses. I actually had to murmur! Hehehe. Love you guys! Mr. Wan Roslan will always be our hero and heart of 5CS! I'll really miss today and the enjoyable ups and depressing downs that I've spent with beloved friends in St. Andrew's. I was on the verge of letting my tears go, but I just held it in. I'm sure everyone was sad to see their schoolmates ready to go in different paths which lies ahead of them in the future. Today may be the last day in St. Andrew's, but I'll still keep a reminder in mind that I can always look back at the old days with buddies. I hope to bump into anyone of you next time! Secondary 5CS bas been a great family to me in school and I will never forget this spectacular day!

Meanwhile on Twitter:

azrinainuddin Cikgu wan roslan, a composer and a conductor of a symphony of children. The heart of 5cs.

KevinLim_145 5cs class of 2010 OORAH!

simplyna im the first in my family to graduate from SAS, THANK YOU GUYS FOR EVERYTHING...

thatssomalina Finally, everything's over, EVERYTHING.

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