Thursday, November 18, 2010

Laugh and joke around.

Freedom is near - I can just smell it! I can't believe the examinations are coming to an end! It feels like as if we started the exams just last week. Though I'm tired now, yet I'm excited! Combined Science P1 - I hope it's going to be easy. I expect it to! When the chief invigilator dismisses us, I shall walk out of the examination hall with a smile and laugh and joke around with my friends as soon as I do!

We'll be having our training at Pusar Ulak field tomorrow (Nov 19th) and also, the next day (Nov 20th). Fikri's flying off to Singapore for three weeks on Nov 21st, so I should rearrange my time well to see him off at the airport. Anyway, a LOT has been going on my mind lately. Prom is in a few days. I'm thinking of whether I should go or not. My "date" hasn't come up with her answer yet. Maybe sooner or later? High chance on otherwise, perhaps. I should do something about it, but I shouldn't force someone to do what they don't want to do.

By the way, I saw a shooting star last night while I was out on the verandah with Zul! Too bad he didn't see it. What exactly does a 'shooting star' mean? I know it's a star or meteor that has fallen, but it must have some kind of meaning, right?

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