Monday, November 08, 2010


I know I shouldn't have slept so late last night. Since Chelsea didn't grab 3 points from a disappointing afternoon, at least I achieved something; the 'Death of a Comedy' and the 'Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser?' trophies in Dead Rising 2! Also, all trophies online in less than 24 hours!

My maid said that she tried to wake me up three times but she couldn't - until the last fourth time. I was still feeling sleepy, but when she said it was already 8 o'clock, I quickly jerked up and rushed my way through the morning. I had no proper breakfast - only had two cucur udang. I thought I was going to be late that I kept looking at the time in the car. When I took off from home, it was already 8:11 AM. Exam starts at 9 AM. Seriously. I am traumatized because I don't want to miss any further exams no more although I've missed only one in my entire life which was Ugama 1 during mid-year. Unfortunately, it turned out that I wasn't late after all. I reached school in about 8:35 AM or so. First thing I did was freshened up by washing my face in school. I was all set to sit for Geography P1 today.

It was alright. Most of them were just common senses. I hope I did well! Anyway, I'm going to Waie Saiful's later in the afternoon. We're having a relax-session! - also to record/remaster some of our songs. I've to start sleeping early, but how? Video games keep me occupied all the time!

I'd hate to say this, but I didn't take my shower on my way to school today. ==

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