Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stingingly surprised!

Yesterday night, I went fishing with Fikri and Afiq. Fathul came, but only stayed for a while after casting a few lines with his "brand new" fishing rod. Hehe. I left my fishing rod alone for a moment and chilled with the guys. After a few minutes, I came to check on my rod. It felt normally fine. I thought it must've been the weight that's making the line firm. Apparently, I reeled in slowly and carefully. Something caught my hook! It appeared to be a small brown stingray! Luck must've been on my side. Really. This is my first stingray catch out of all the fishing trips I've gone with 'em.

I never would've thought I'd catch a stingray at a time like that! I felt lucky and happy. Honestly, this was the only catch of the night and the others' baits were eaten clean off their hooks. I wanted to keep it. Fikri and Afiq went back to the car and got some plastic bags to pour in the live prawns from the bucket and put in the stingray as an exchange. After we did that, we thought that it would be hard for us to get the baits out from the plastic bag so we did it back to square one again, but the stingray had to squeeze itself in the plastic bag. Before this, we left it waterless for a long time. That's like putting us humans underwater for a long time! I pity the stingray. Oh, I even gave it a name: "Paree". First, it was "Stingy" but it means ungenerous so I changed it. (Plus, we even cut off the poison tail.)

I'm over at Zul's now and the stingray is in his toilet. Guess what? It's dead. Yeah, I searched up on how can you tell if a stingray is dead or not. I saw a picture of one and its sides were curled up.

R.I.P Paree

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