Monday, December 13, 2010

Fun in Miri.

I had a super great time in Miri although I didn't get the stuffs that I wanted. They are; a Chelsea home shirt, a belt and at least a new PS3 game. All I bought were an odd-looking boxer from Remix and a t-shirt from Tee House. I still can't forget what happened in Tee House. We were browsing around to look (buy) around for a t-shirt when we suddenly had the urge to actually buy one! The designs were cool yet funny. For example; the t-shirt that I bought had something to say about the social networks. I'll post up the picture when I have the time to. Okay, back to the Tee House. One of the saleslady (she was Chinese), was telling me that if I want to take a good look at the shirt, feel free to examine it so. I picked out one small-sized t-shirt. Tried it on and I looked like a guy who bought a small-sized shirt because there are no available sizes left. In other words, I didn't like it although it fitted. I asked for a medium-sized and she handed me one with her sweet sweet smile! She also offered to hold on to my bag for a while. I was satisfied with it and decided to buy it. There she was just clicking away on the cash register. As I was about to leave the store, she asked to "come again ah?" OOOOOOO!

The stops continue as follows; Bintang Plaza, Imperial Mall and Boulevard. The last was the McDonald's drive-in. I didn't quite realize about that because I was asleep. Now I'm back at Zul's. Staying for another night. I need to rest my tired legs.

I was afraid. I committed a crime that most wouldn't even bother doing, but all has passed. (I'd rather not talk about it.)

If my post doesn't make any sense, forgive me. I am tired.

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