Saturday, December 25, 2010

London Life.

I know I was supposedly to blog on December 22nd, 2010, but I didn’t have the time to do it, plus there was no internet connection so here it is. It marked my best pal, Nurul and my cousin, Rae’s birthday. Let me just wish them a very happy belated birthday! Too bad I can’t be there on Nurul’s birthday or my cousin’s. I hope you guys had a blast and enjoyed every bit of it. May Allah bless the both of you always.

Happy 17th Birthday to Rae Yussof!

Happy 16th Birthday to Hafizah Sufian!

(Supposedly December 23rd’s post)

Finally we have reached London! Can you believe a 14-hour flight? I think some people have had worse! There’s much to do while you’re up in the air. You know, I fell asleep while I was listening to Enrique Iglesias’ album, Euphoria. I only fell asleep for a while, but when I had already woken up, I proceeded to watch an old killer shark movie, Jaws. I don’t know why − for two flights now − the stewardesses kept asking if we asked for seafood meals or not. Weird, but you should’ve seen how she looked like! Hot, like a sauna. Hahaha. Malik and Hakiim were playing chess against each other while Tayib was sleeping. Honestly, he sort of slept halfway through the flight! He must’ve been really tired. Okay. Less about the flight and more about beautiful England, shall we?

It’s really freezing here! If I’m not mistaken, it’s 0⁰C and it continues dropping slowly. Three stacks of shirts and a thick jacket are still not enough to withstand the cold − even wearing a pair of gloves isn’t! Luckily I have this Russian-looking snow cap, but – THIS ISN’T ENOUGH AS WELL! Spitting smoke each time we’re outside, shivering at times when I walk downtown, the cold wind blowing against my frozen face – I really am not the type of person to cope with the cold. We didn’t go anywhere on the arrival day because we wanted to rest. Besides, it was already late and Tayib didn’t have any plans so we await for the next day. Guess what? We’re considered lucky because we have got a room that we can share enough for three here where the escorts are staying in, but there’s no active internet connection and we can’t seem to fix the TV in order to play our PS3. It’s an old SONY TV and we’ve pressed every button on both of the controllers – but to no avail. There’s not much to do here but to put on some music, watch TV and play games on our laptops. Hakiim played this bunny-hop map in Counter Strike while I played The Sims 3.

It wasn’t long until that night, Ka Mash brought us out to watch a movie and go to Winter Wonderland. We booked tickets to watch Tron in 3D. If you have ever wondered how do I watch 3D movies because I am already wearing spectacles, I just wear them both together. That way, I can see clearly and 3D-ly. Hehehe! Tron’s not a bad movie. The soundtracks are nice and the graphics are sci-rific! I like how they designed the whole thing especially the attires. I wish I could get one of those.

After that, we took a taxi to where Ka Pong is staying. It’s good to meet my fine-looking aunties – Rosemary was there too! I didn’t think she would tag along. It’s nice to meet you, by the way. We took a taxi again to go to Winter Wonderland. The night was so cold and we only had an hour or so to spend time there. I don’t know why, but the token booth didn’t accept the old notes. When I bought a new pair of gloves, I asked the salesman if he accepted old notes. He did! He also didn’t know about not accepting the old notes thing. Well, money’s money – you want ‘em, you take ‘em. You don’t want ‘em, you don’t take ‘em. We went on this ride where it brings you back and forth like a swing gone crazy. I don’t remember its name though. I thought it was going to be an “okay” ride. I was wrong. It turned out to be a heart-pulling ride! Malik was screaming, I was talking to Malik at that time – Oh! I’ve been swearing ‘holy shit’ ever since I rode on the rides in Universal Studios, Singapore. Figures. – and Hakiim was closing his eyes. It was a crazy ride, indeed! Tayib and Ka Mash rode this ride – a mini ferris wheel with rotating seats. They were the only pair who rode the ride alone! It was near closing time and out last ride was the Britannia bus. This one’s heart-pulling too! I was sitting on the “very brave” section with Ka Nabilah and Muhdiah. Scream turned to laughter because of the others on the opposite side.

We wanted to have dinner so we were asked to meet up at C&R Malaysian Restaurant, but when we walked a long way there, the shop was closed! We met up with Tayib and Ka Mash after, what – half an hour of waiting? From there, we planned to stick together. We ate at Khan’s Restaurant. You know, we had trouble ordering because the waiter was being funny. Most of us ordered butter chicken and when the food came, it didn’t look like butter chicken at all. Maybe it’s just how they cook it. The toilets are far down below! You have to descend stairs and make turns in order for you to reach the toilet. Seriously. What if someone really had to go when he had already waited for half an hour? That’d be funny, yet embarrassing!

It was a super freezing fun night! I enjoyed it though I didn’t have the chance to visit the game store. Maybe I’ll do today. Wait – it’s December 23rd now in London, right? ==

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