Thursday, December 30, 2010

London Life. [Pt 3]

(Supposedly December 26th’s post)

Last night was hell of a fun! We went to the gaming arcade down in Queens Mews, London. I exchanged £10 worth of tokens. The first game I played was Guitar Hero. The guitar’s buttons were kind of hard, but I enjoyed playing Cliffs of Dover! 8D After that, Hakiim and I played in this shark simulator. I forgot the game’s name though, but it’s similar to The House of the Dead II. I remember playing this game long time ago when I was little. I didn’t know one token was enough for two players. I inserted two. O.O We were so far in the game when Tayib called us saying that he already booked a bowling lane for us. We just left the game − unattended.

While they were bowling away, I remembered that I still had some tokens in my pocket. I took two and played the crane machine. You know, the game where you’ll get the prize if you gripped the chosen toy correctly. I tried it six times, but with no luck. I got some tokens again and one machine caught my attention. The machine was called ‘BarBerCut’. The prizes were iPod Shuffles! As soon as I saw a man winning one, I decided to try it out. I don’t care if I looked funny when I placed my face against the wall, at least I got the scissors to loosen up the string of my chosen iPod. I didn’t know it had to be cut a few times. I thought a slash of the scissors was already able to cut the string. There were lots of people behind us. Auntie Flor was screaming away and kept inserting tokens so that I could get the chance to win the iPod. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the string snapped down and there it was; my very own blue iPod Shuffle! I left my bowling game just for it. Hahaha!

Not long after that, Ka Belle asked me to try out another game which also wins you iPod Shuffles. But in this game, you have to stack up squares until the very top and from there, you get to choose your prize. It looked easy at first, but when it came to the top, things came down to the bottom. Ka Belle and I reached the last square, but failed to win the major prize because we were just one box away from the stacking box.

We were close to our 8 o’clock movie, Gulliver’s Travels. We bought our nachos, drinks etc. I’d say, the movie was awesomely good! I don’t know if it’s out in Brunei yet, but you should definitely watch it! I don’t want to spoil the whole movie for you. J

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