Thursday, December 30, 2010

London Life. [Pt 2]

(Supposedly December 26th’s post)

Around 4:30 PM earlier, Tayib and I went to ODEON to book our tickets for Boxing Da−−I mean, Gulliver’s Day’s new movie, Gulliver’s Travels. There weren’t many people as I expected it to be. What I heard from Tayib is that most of the shops are closed and some on their way closing today. I guess I’ll be shopping for my suit for new year’s tomorrow then. But the day is not yet over! We’re going ice-skating later around Pong’s place – before the movie, I mean. Can’t wait!

Oh yes! I feel disappointed today. I’ll tell you why. First of, after we bought the tickets from ODEON, I wanted to check out the small game store nearby. I went in and I felt blessed to see such prices on the games. I saw Borderlands, but it wasn’t the GOTY Edition. I tried looking for Mafia II, but nowhere to be seen. I wanted to buy Modern Warfare II because I think the multiplayer is better than Black Ops’. I grabbed the game and handed it over to the cashier. Hard to believe, but it was an embarrassing moment for me. This is how the conversation went:

Me: I’d like to buy this, please.

Cashier: Umm.. do you have an ID with you?

Me: [gives confused look] No. (I thought he was asking for a UK ID)

Cashier: Are you even 18?

Me: No.

Cashier: Sorry, but I can’t sell you this game.

I wanted to take the game back to its place, but he insisted on doing it himself. Maybe he thought I was going to steal or something. I don’t know, but whatever. I have absolutely no idea that you needed to show some ID to buy games rated 18+ here. It’s better in Singapore and Brunei. I don’t know about the other countries though. This sucks! So then, I left the place with a grin.

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