Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Intense training, new kits.

Some would say;

Happy last month of the year!

What a way to start off the first of December! Now THAT was some super intense training session! Thank goodness we didn't come early or we'll suffer double pain! I couldn't feel like my legs, needed water from time to time, almost out of breath and near muscle cramps. I was seeing stars already. Not only myself, but I'm sure the others were too! You could see that we lack stamina and activeness. We've got to prepare ourselves for our match against Galacticose F.C. which is four days away. We'll be playing at UBD field, just so you know.

Today, it was a surprise for the ones who came! Our captain said that Christmas came early and finally we got our hands on our new jerseys! Check it out:

Sponsored by Aewon and b-mobile. I hope you like the design, guys!

I should've taken a picture of Tayib's goalkeeper kit. It's blue in colour and there are black X's on the arms.

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