Monday, December 20, 2010

Welcome to Singapore! [Pt 6]

I just can't wait to finish blogging about today's activities. I'M SO TIRED! So here goes nothing..

I didn't have enough sleep from last night. I slept around 3 AM and had to wake up around 9 because we were going to go to Universal Studios. I was a little tired, but not until I entered Universal Studios. It felt like walking in a world of cartoon and it was fanta-bulous! First, we went to Far Far Away and rode the first roller-coaster ride. We have like this express tickets where we don't have to queue up like other people so we were kind of lucky. Hehe. Although the ride was short, it was fun!

And then, we went inside the Shrek 4D auditorium. It was my first time watching a show in.. 4D. I didn't know you'll actually encounter the effects from the show and not only the dimensional features.

These are the so-called "Ogre glasses". Pretty neat-o!

We visited The Lost World after that. Ring any bells? Yes, Jurassic Park. We went on this boat ride where you'll be introduced to various dinosaurs along the way and slid down unexpectedly. It was a wet ride indeed! After The Lost World, we went to Egypt. I was thinking of what movie the theme represented and after I saw the giant statues of the Egyptians, The Mummy suddenly popped into my mind. We even went into the roller-coaster ride, but this time; Tayib got the chills! Nevertheless, the ride was terrific! We were done with Egypt and off we headed to this place called Sci-Fi City with the huge roller-coaster. Thank goodness it was closed because I so didn't want to ride it. Yes, I'm afraid of big roller-coasters. :( Didn't spend much time here so our next visit was Hollywood.

It really felt like you were actually in Hollywood itself. I even saw a woman dressed as Betty Boop. She was hot. XTRA HOT! :o) No rides there though.

Handsome boy with an old-school car.

The last visit was to WaterWorld. I didn't recognize the theme. It was also a soaked session. We were seated in the amphitheatre and waited for the show to begin. The show started late so as part of the entertainment, the actors soaked mostly everyone whether young or old. They somehow enjoyed it too! Finally when the show began, some serious action was going on. There were using pyrotechnics and other gadgets too. The acting was good, the storyline was fantastic and the characters were funny. I couldn't believe my eyes when a seaplane blasted out from the walls into the water. That part was awesome!

Since we're done exploring Universal Studios, we went back to the hotel and rested for a while. Our rest came to a halt because we were going to go out again to Clark Quay to check out G-Max. I didn't want to ride on the reverse bungee because I was already tired, but Tayib forced me to. He paid for the tickets as well so I had no other choice but to go. We were all set on the ride and we were high up - almost a 90 degree's height. We waited for the green light and were already eager to get it over with. When the green light flashed, Ka Fee said that she'd count to three, but tricked herself and came down saying out the wrong number. It was one HELL of a ride! Seriously! I'll upload the video that Malik took later on.

We took a taxi to Lucky Plaza in Orchard Road and bought some more video games. It's great because two of the stores there know me so I can get discounts. Besides, it's the end of the year and they should have the courtesy to give 'em. I bought a new PS3 game and Malik bought two games. I feel like I was missing something and so I went down again to check things out. I just remembered that I need USB cables to recharge my PS3 controllers. This guy got me a neat PS3 chargers where you can just plug it in a socket and charge 'em from there + additional two USB cables. He even promoted a cooling fan to go with the chargers. I wanted them anyway.

I'll post up the pictures for today later on. If I'm not too tired.. Thanks for reading this long messy post.

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