Friday, December 10, 2010

Monopoly madness!

Thank goodness the internet connection is working. I was about to not post anything regarding today's fun time with Dad. After Friday prayer, we went up to our grandfather's house on top of the hill which is only a few walks away from the mosque. We had our lunch there. After that, we went to the tailor to make Malik's school pants. My dad wanted to go shopping at Hua Ho in Bunut, but decided to stop by and rest at his place first. Everything was normal. I even met my step-mother and met the little ones.

The most enjoyable thing about today was playing Monopoly (Singapore lands). It was between Malik, Hakiim and I. For a while there, I was on a role occupying most of the lands. I was even the first one to buy houses. Unfortunately, the tables have turned and Hakiim got the best of me. I had to mortgage my land and eventually sell them due to the shortage of money. In the end, I got bankrupted. We all laughed hysterically when Malik was the first one to stop by one of Hakiim's hotels - even my dad!

The first hotel Malik visited.

Hakiim's purchases.

Guess who the winner is? After hours of playing (I think we played from 7 'til 10), Hakiim was declared the winner. He bought 10 hotels and 12 houses. His total amount of money? If I'm not mistaken, Malik calculated up the whole thing and got $116,400 as a result. High scorer of the week! He totally ruled Singapore!

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