Saturday, December 11, 2010

Waited and waited.

I grew sick and tired of waiting and waiting while I was in the immigration earlier. We went there around 8 o'clock and now I just had my lunch. Me and my mom had to wait for four freaking hours! Thank goodness we didn't (nearly) give up so early like some of the rest did, because our turn was only a few numbers away. I overheard one of the staff talking about why the others gave up and went home. You should look at yourself - on how you treated them. No wonder people got up and left. I think they're annoyed by you yelling most of the time. Even their ticket machine was broken and so people had to squeeze in and compete for seats. For a start, why don't you take full responsibility of your government system?

And what's this I hear about Facebook getting banned in Brunei? What Zul said was true (Dedeh also);

ZullyHamzah You should really worry less about banning facebook and more on making this stupid internet faster

JidahHamzah WHY?WHY?why is the internet getting SLOWER!?


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