Thursday, December 30, 2010

London Life. [Pt 4]

(Supposedly December 27th’s post)

We finally got ourselves the formal wears for New Year’s. Thanks to Tayib for picking them out for us when we had absolutely no idea what to pick – oh, and Pong too! We wasted an hour waiting for the queue up at Nando’s Restaurant. Nevertheless, food’s good.

The bun looks funny – lemon-shaped whaaaaat.

Sadly for us, we didn’t have anywhere else to go because time was running out. I checked out the game store for a while and there were Facebook game credits – for example; FarmVille, Mafia Wars etc. I wanted to buy them – maybe for the guys back in Brunei, but I didn’t want to wait in the long queue. I couldn’t even find the PS3 headset. All I could find were the Bluetooth headsets. Seriously, there were queues in front most of the stores because it was really crowded! We left early as expected because we wanted to go to Winter Wonderland again, but this time with Abang Farid and his friends.

It was really cold as usual. Like I said, a pair of gloves aren’t enough to withstand the weather! But I did get the chance to buy a new brown snowcap and an owl-looking snowcap for myself and Muizzah’s black beanie. I’ll find your blue beanie soon, yeah? And to Aizzatul, I will THINK about buying you a new phone. I didn’t go on any of the rides today. I didn’t want to anyway. Honestly, I’ve had enough rides for now.

We’re safely back home now. Thanks to Pong for calling a cab for us. Looking forward to see you again! Especially before you fly back to Brunei!

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