Thursday, December 30, 2010

London Life. [Pt 5]

(Supposedly December 29th’s post)

Happy 18th Birthday to Hamidi Halidi!

You have been a superbly insane friend to me for the past three years and I am grateful to have met someone like you. I hope you enjoyed your birthday. May Allah bless you always.

I have had too much laughs today – especially during dinner at Satay House. Too much! I was there with my two brothers, Tayib, Ka Mash and my other relatives. We sat and ordered in a separate table. I was eavesdropping a little bit and got to know a few information about the waiter who took our order. He knew how to speak a little Malay too! His name was Dabith – pronounced [day-beet]. He’s Spanish. He has worked in the restaurant for 10 months now. He told my relatives that he didn’t speak English at all during his stay here in London, but learnt slowly with his foreign friends. He stays in an apartment mixed with Italians, Brazilians, English and Spanish. Okay, I think that’s too much. Hahaha.

Anyway, we waited for our meals for a very long time while my other relatives got their orders without any complaints. Good thing my drink came on time. Malik’s as well, but not for the others around our table. Ka Mash ordered ice milo, Hakiim ordered teh tarik while Tayib just got his noodles. He asked for soya sauce which didn’t even come on time! I was cracking jokes about it. I laughed too hard ‘til I almost cramped my stomach. Eventually, the whole table laughed which attracted my relatives’ table and the others around us. Tayib was officially the boy who cried soya sauce! Seriously. What was taking them so long to bring in Tayib’s soya sauce? Even Hakiim’s teh tarik and Ka Mash’s ice milo didn’t come! I ordered another orange juice and guess what he gave me? Mango juice.

Sorry to say, but I am not going to dine in that restaurant ever again. The waiters are friendly, but the service is bad.

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