Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Social Network.

I'd like to thank Zul for achieving a trophy in Red Dead Redemption. Couldn't have done it without his "beginner's luck" in a game(s) of Poker. Hehehe!

I've just finished watching The Social Network with Zul. Omar said that it's boring. Honestly, the movie was interesting to watch! By looking at how they tried to create and establish a social networking website requires lots and lots of intelligence! I can't believe how they could read the codes and such. Mark Zuckerberg sure is a genius! In fact, he is the youngest billionaire! Damn. I have another movie, The Other Guys, but I don't think I'll continue to watch it tonight. My eyes are tired and I might fall asleep. (I'm playing Red Dead Redemption though - still have a lot more to achieve.)

I guess I'd best be off then. I have a beach party to attend later at Berakas Forest Reserve. Pearl and Aizat are hosting it for this year's SAS high-school graduates. I hope I am able to wake up before 11:30 AM.

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