Thursday, December 16, 2010

Welcome to Singapore!

Did the whole 5CS come to the airport to send us off? It was very kind of them to show their faces today for I won't be seeing them for 2 weeks. Zul, Memet, Dedeh and Fizah were there to send me off as well! InsyaAllah I will get the stuffs you wrote down in the envelope. Just a thought: If you guys have webcam, I'd be more than happy to do so because honestly, the internet here is super fast!

The flight was normal as always although I still get the chills when the plane starts to shake. The food was delightful. We had seafood. Halfway through the journey, I slept until we landed. Tayib secretly snapped a photo of us sleeping. Hahaha!

We arrived here in Singapore around 2:30 PM. We were a bit late because we had a little trouble at the immigration. Unsure of where we were going to stay, four of us stated Hayat Hotel. Turns out we're staying at Crockfords Hotel, Sentosa. This place is just AMAZING! The room is beautiful; what more to say about the toilet. I'll upload pictures here in Crockfords later. I'm currently chilling at our own hotel room's balcony. It's cold! The weather's gloomy and windy. I can even see the cable cars alternating slowly back and forth from here. More beauties of Singapore awaits..

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