Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Amin, Azrin and Omar were over at my place around 2 earlier. There were those who couldn't make it. That's okay - there's a next time. Normally, they would just chill in the room or watch a movie but suddenly, I didn't know where we got the idea to wrestle. I do remember them talking about the old/new wrestlers in WWE. Yes, WWE style but not seriously. Obviously, we were just fooling around. I had the whole 'match' recorded and I'll upload it on YouTube as soon as I'm done uploading our demo clip of 'Cinta Bagai Bintang'. Amin appeared as Rey Mysterio, Omar as The Hurricane, Azrin as Randy Orton (Special Referee) while I was commentating. Each had their theme song followed by the wrestler they were as. Commentating isn't an easy job after all.

After hours of wrestling, it was time to sent them home. Amin and Omar got what they 'wanted'. Enjoy it, boys! I sent Azrin to Harun's Gym first because he had a futsal match with his brother against a bunch of guys he does not know of. I hope you weren't late! The next was Amin and Omar was the last. Thanks for coming, guys! I had lots of fun today!

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