Sunday, August 08, 2010

Speeding is bad.

It's Hamizah's (Omar's sister) birthday today so let me just say;

Happy Birthday!

That's how the boats look like.

In fact, I don't know how old are you. I'll ask Omar. Our presents to you are simple! - filling up the large inflatable pool with water. There were four boats like the ones in Jerudong Park but smaller in the pool. Instead of paddling with our feet, we worked with our arms. We wrestled, played 3-on-3 football and this game where you knock people down into the water until there's a last man standing. I had so much fun! Thanks!

Around 5 PM, I was supposed to hang out with the Brothers at Flavors but I couldn't make it because my driver was late. He had his day off today. I made them wait for me for an hour or so. I'm sorry. To Fathul: Zul told me about the plan already. I hope to see the Brothers then!

"Shit" - Amin swore when my driver was zooming down from lane to lane on the way to Berakas. I was sending Amin back home when this happened. Inda was driving too fast tonight - too fast that we almost got in an accident! I'm serious! He nearly collided with a black Jag! The black Jag driver honked over and over again, eventually tailed us from the spot. We went the wrong way instead of going to Amin's place and from then, I knew that he was tailing us. Inda was making a U-turn when he provoked and pointed at us from the side. He pulled over in front of our car and went our furiously from his car. Here is how it went:

Inda: [Pulling out his hands together] "Sorry.. sorry.."
Furious driver: [Looking at Inda] "Eh, kenapakan kau ani? Kurang ajar jua kau ani!" [Shoved him hard]
Furious driver: [Looking at me] "Indon kah ni?"
Me: "Awu."
Furious driver: "Ajar ia - cemana kan signal."
Me: "Awu. Minta maaf, tuan.."

Tell me that was scary. I was really scared! My driver just smiled, pretending that nothing happened back there. Some people just go for the kill rather than be glad that they're safe from danger. Sigh.

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