Saturday, August 21, 2010


I just don't believe that my BM P2 is incomplete! I did the first compulsory question and two other questions of my choice. As for the last question, I didn't get to finish the last part! I had to rush myself because I didn't have much time. I actually spent an hour on my summary. Would you believe that? One friggin' hour! Sigh. I just wish I won't get really low marks just because of that careless mistake. However, Geo P1 was quite easy. I had a peaceful moment while I was map reading - no hesitation but when it came to the Population section, I was kind of blurry especially for the last two questions. I'm glad Malay is over and done with. Combined Science awaits on Monday. I. AM. SO. DEAD!

I'm sure most of you have watched 'A tribute to zek - minta maaf (my apology)' right? Here's a 'response from emma'. Enjoy!

Click here if you wish to watch the apology.

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