Friday, August 27, 2010


Maths P1 yesterday was really disappointing! I'd rather not go further to talk about it. I'll fail mathematics, no doubt. I thought we had Commerce P1 - that was why I was relaxed but Maths is over and done with now. As for Ugama P1, it was quite easy. All the topics that Amin gave me came out and I didn't trouble myself even one bit while I was doing my paper. That's good news!

Yessss. Four days of no school - finally, a break from all those 'hard' work. Well, three to the History students though because we don't have any papers on Monday. They have had their holidays, now we'll have ours but not as much as they did. No worries. I know we all await for the LONG holidays. Ain't that right, guys? Our last day of mock examinations is on August 31st, 2010 - also, the same day that I will be having my Malay orals. Wish me luck! I'm feeling nervous already.

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