Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Thankful for this day.

School was filled with lame jokes and maniacal laughs - I just hope nothing wears me down from whatever that has happened today. Have you ever get the feeling when you laugh around all day and eventually end up being moody for some reason? Yes. That's it right there.

In Art today, my teacher assigned us (Design paper students) to create a logo for the newly ordered recycle bins for three different recyclable wastes. If our logos are approved, they will spray them on the bins. That would be a cool thing to see! - Your own artwork on public properties. I've finished three thumbnails so far (but since there are no bins for glass, I currently have two). We're continuing this project again on Thursday! :D

Azizi finally have decided to shake hands - man to man. After school, I wasn't expecting such a thing because I thought he didn't care at all. Good things really come to those who wait! I'm thankful for this day. It's good to see us in our normal selves again.

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