Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good to see them again.

I didn't know I arrived early in school today. The History students are finally back from their five day of holidays. It's so good to see their faces (not only on Facebook) again. I could tell that Sahrul and Azrin were very happy to see me. I missed you guys!

We had our Malay 1 paper today. It was easy. You know, I almost fell asleep during the exams because I was really tired. You know the feeling when you're sleepy and your head feels heavy - and when it slowly goes down, you suddenly erect back up? That happened to me earlier! I hope no one saw me because that would be embarrassing! Anyway, Malay 1 - I did the last question which I only had to continue the story with the beginning given. The story is about your 78 year-old grandparent calling you over to the kitchen which he usually doesn't. Well, I hope I did good. :s

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