Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I had my Commerce P2 today. I was weak and dizzy that I had to rush my answers. I tried to sleep but the coldness just made me shiver throughout the exam. I hope I didn't do my Commerce so badly. Being sick during the mocks just ruins it! Since I didn't blog about my Combined Science paper yesterday, here's what I thought of it - HARD! I'd expect P1 to be a little bit easy but I expected it the wrong way. What more to say about P2? GG!

My fever is wearing out but I'm still caught up with a headache and a backache. I've been laying down ever since I got back from school today. I wish I wasn't sick in the first place. And did you notice that time is passing by so slowly today? Sigh. I wish I have the energy to revise for Geography later.

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