Monday, August 09, 2010

Happy birthday!

Yesterday was just a celebration for Hamizah. Today's the real day! So..

Happy 12th Birthday to Hamizah Manshor!

We're starting our art examinations tomorrow. History students are not coming to school. Lucky for them, they have two more days of holidays due to it. I better have my equipments ready before I start to cause a fuss. Wish me luck!

My dad brought us to have lunch at Baru Bersurat. I only had a light meal - ambuyat. It was nice! It's been awhile. After that, he brought us to his new home at Beribi, if I recall correctly. He said that he might move in next Monday if most of the things are already transferred. I also came across my little step-brother and sister - Amsyar and Aeesyah. Aeesyah is all grown-up now. I hope to meet her again in the future.

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