Thursday, August 19, 2010


Syukur alhamdulillah. I had a great meal. I hope you had a a great one too! About my exams; English 1 was easy but the thing is that I had to rush myself in Part Two because I only had 15 minutes! For the first two paragraphs, I did Part One well but then I don't know what went wrong in the third paragraph. I had to redo the whole Part One and asked for a new fresh paper. I wrote about my surprise birthday party this year - I changed a few parts though. Hehe. My Part Two is messed up! I had to write a letter to the local newspaper editor about who deserves the award for doing a good deed. Guess whom I wrote about?

You bet I did! I wrote about Bahrin Behrom about how he is good in swimming. Some of you might know him. He's Brunei's swimmer. Well, I added white lies like how he donated 40% of his earnings to the charity and to the old and poor. I wrote that I've known him for two years now and met him in a swimming event in 2009. BULLSHIT! HEHEHE! Anyways, it would be cool though! I can't wait to see how my composition will end up.

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