Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Selamat berpuasa.

I was hyper in school today. I didn't know why. Maybe it's because that I slept early last night? Seriously. Is 9 o'clock early enough for you? FOR ME, IT IS! I woke up around four in the morning though but went back to bed when it struck five - but no big deal.

I had McDonald's during recess today. It's kind of like the - 'last-day-before-puasa-starts' thing. Amalina ordered the food for us. Thanks! That ol' Fish-o-fillet from Mickey Ds sure tasted good! Not only did I have McDonald's but also curry chicken which I bought from the canteen. I was stuffing myself! Apart from that, when school was dismissed, I was in-charge of emptying the dustbin. While I was on my way up feeling rather disgusted of the horrible smell, I didn't notice that there was a dead house lizard stuck in it so I just let it be. Kirah was on her way down with one of her duty mates. She passed me and I was thinking of showing the dead lizard to her to see how she will react. (6) I called her out and asked her to look in the bin. The inside looked normal unlike any other bins to her but when I tilted down a bit, she saw the lizard and screamed! HAHAHAHA! Probably the funniest moment today!

I came down late. I didn't see her - again. Sigh. Maybe next time. Today's the last day before Puasa starts! So I'd like to say:

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa. Harap dapat menambah amalan-amalan yang baik di bulan ini.

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