Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Working hard?

Okay. Today's exam was - well, I have no idea because I didn't know most of the workings and even left blanks! Sigh. But I managed to get it done 15 minutes before finishing time. Guess what? That was my first time! Usually, for Maths papers, I finish them in less than an hour and not long after that, I'll put my head down. What I went through earlier was just unbelievable for me! It seemed like I was - working hard on it although I know the answers that I gave are wrong? Oh well. What's done is done. There's still another paper for Maths though. I don't know what my Maths teacher is going to say to me when she goes through the paper - MY paper.

I talked with Kirah on Facebook earlier. It's been a long time! I see her in school though but not all the time. Thanks! I had a good time! Take good care of yourself! C U Around!

Just a few minutes more until sungkai. I can't wait! My stomach is already rumbling! Time, please fly a little faster for now.

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