Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm starting to feel cold.

I will be sitting for my last art paper later. The two previous art papers were supposedly okay. Wish me luck, yes?

It's late and I'm still not asleep. Sahur's in about an hour and a half. I seriously have to kick this habit. Yesterday after sahur, I slept in until 4 in the evening. Imagine that - 12 hours of sleep. I have a bad sleeping time. Someone help, please. I also have been going through rough moments lately and I'm quite unhappy with that. I'm sorry to Fikri and Zul for my misbehaviour during the sahur. Sometimes, I just wish everything could be normal and easy so that I don't have to think thoroughly from time to time. All these stresses are pulling me down that I can't even barely think properly - or study. Sigh.

The real deal is on Tuesday for which I will be sitting for my mock written exams. I have got to pull my socks up and be prepared!

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